Discussing Fiscal Policy with Concord Coalition's Chase Hagaman

Published Aug 18, 2017.

Chase Hagaman, New England regional director for The Concord Coalition, joined the hosts of the podcast “Granite (In)sanity” on Aug. 18. Hagaman, Jon Morgan and James Carroll, on the bipartisan podcast, discussed federal fiscal policy issues such as the tax code and Social Security, how Millennials can impact long-term reform, and the continued need for non-partisan policy analysis from agencies like the Congressional Budget Office. 

When addressing what citizens can do to help encourage reform and generationally minded policy change, Hagaman said, “there are plenty of things we can do, it’s a question of what we are willing to do.” He went on to explain that, although our nation’s fiscal challenges can be perceived as “non-sexy,” they are big issues that require citizen involvement at the local level and beyond. 

Hagaman suggested that achieving long-term reform requires engaging members of Congress and the community, volunteering with organizations like The Concord Coalition or even running for public office. 

Listen to the whole podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/user-854356608/chase-hagaman-episode.