Disappointing the Budget Hawks

Published Mar 15, 2019. By Steven Nelson.

Opponents of adding to the national debt say President Trump's plan to balance the federal budget in 15 years is unserious and that he remains on track to add as much debt as former President Obama, whom Trump once accused of having “effectively bankrupted” the country. . . . 

Bob Bixby, executive director of the pro-balanced budget Concord Coalition, said, "Obama came in with an economy that was cratering and a deficit that was shooting up. No matter who was elected president in 2009, they were facing a $1 trillion deficit."

"With Obama, the deficits began winding down when the economy recovered. With Trump, the troubling thing is he inherited a growing economy and instead of continuing progress on deficit reduction, the deficit has exploded," he said.

"I don't think this is a credible road map," Bixby continued. “Any way we get out of this is going to increase spending, they are just arguing about the mix. Defense and non-defense are likely to go up, and I don't see any kind of entitlement reform or revenue increases on the table. I don't see anything but a $1 trillion deficit and rising."