Cooper Receives Award for Budget Plan

Published Sep 21, 2012. By Paul C. Barton.

U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper received an award Thursday night from the Concord Coalition, a research and advocacy group on federal spending issues.

Cooper was honored as a Paul E. Tsongas Economic Patriot for his push in March to have the House of Representatives adopt a budget bill that incorporated the recommendations of the 2010 Bowles-Simpson Commission.

The latter put forth a wide range of recommendations for bringing federal deficits under control, including cuts to numerous popular programs – combined with new revenues through changes in the tax code.

Cooper was one of only 38 members to vote for it when it came to the House floor.

“This is what responsible budgeting is all about,” Robert L. Bixby, executive director of the Concord Coalition, said in a statement.

“It is also what political leadership is all about. We salute the courage it took for these 38 members of Congress to vote for this plan in the face of strong opposition from many congressional colleagues and a wide range of powerful special interests. We will need more such courage and leadership in the months and years ahead.”