Buttigieg Takes on Trump, Pitches Four New Tax Hikes in Fox News Town Hall

Published May 19, 2019. By Gregg Re.

In a Fox News town hall program with Chris Wallace in Claremont, New Hampshire Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg discussed an array of issues, including his proposals on fiscal policy. He was asked about the growing federal deficit and debt by Tyler Sweeney, The Concord Coalition's New Hampshire state director. (The discussion of fiscal policy starts at 15:56 on the video.) An excerpt from the Fox story about the program:

On fiscal policy, Buttigieg pushed for four distinct tax hikes when asked about the deficit, saying he favored a "fairer, which means higher" marginal income tax, a "reasonable" wealth tax "or something like that," a financial transactions tax, and closing "corporate tax loopholes."

"You don't blow a hole in the budget with an unnecessary and unaffordable tax cut for the very wealthiest," Buttigieg told Wallace, referring to President Trump's tax legislation.