Buffalo Chamber Luncheon: Fiscal Responsibility Paramount

Published Sep 12, 2012. By Aaron Palmer.


The Buffalo Chamber of Commerce hosted a luncheon Wednesday at the Occidental Hotel to give Paul Hansen, with the Concord Coalition, a chance to present the organization's message of fiscal responsibility within the Federal Government.

Hansen said the Coalition is non-partisan and non-profit and only wants to see responsible government getting its spending within its means.

“We are increasingly concerned with fiscal responsibility,” he said.

The Coalition wants to see changes in the Federal Government and its runaway spending, which cannot be sustained much longer, he said. The government’s debt just recently topped $16 trillion, and if nothing is done, according to their economists, the interest payments alone on the National debt will be $1 trillion by 2020.

According to his presentation, changes will not come from spending cuts on domestic or defense budgets alone, but will have to be shared with what are commonly called “entitlement programs,” such as Social Security and Medicare. The message was give and take from everyone across the board will fix the problem.

The Coalition endorses the Simpson-Bowles Plan of Government Reform.The six basic tenets of their reform plan are: (1) discretionary spending cuts; (2) tax reform; (3) healthcare cost reduction and reform; (4) mandatory spending cuts; (5) Social Security reform; and (6) process reform.

The Coalition, he said, feels that a gradual reform like Simpson-Bowles' plan is preferable to last-minute knee-jerk actions to reduce the deficit, which is irresponsible.