The annual deficit approaches $1 trillion. Why do so many in Congress and the White House think that’s OK?

Published Aug 21, 2019. By Matthew Brown.

Phillip Smith, national field director for The Concord Coalition, ran the session. Budget exercises, campus lectures and speeches to business clubs about getting the nation’s fiscal house in order were activities the bipartisan organization hoped it wouldn’t have to be doing 27 years after it was founded by the late U.S. Sens. Paul E. Tsongas, D-Mass., and Warren B. Rudman, R-N.H., to champion their version of fiscal responsibility.

Smith notes that annual spending deficits and the growing government debt aren’t topics among Democratic candidates running for president. Instead, they are talking about ambitious ideas like free college tuition and Medicare for all. And Trump and Republicans have yet to champion any significant spending cuts that could offset their debt-compounding $1.5 trillion tax cut.