Press Release
Thursday, March 13, 1997

WASHINGTON--The budget plan recently introduced by the House Democratic Blue Dog Coalition deserves "widespread support" from members of Congress who are serious about balancing the budget and keeping it balanced, according to an analysis of the plan released today by the Concord Coalition.

"The Blue Dog plan sets a high standard by which other plans to balance the budget should be judged," according to Concord Executive Director Martha Phillips. "The plan refrains from calling for any tax cuts or major new spending initiatives, either of which would make the task of balancing the budget by 2002 more difficult. I hope budget strategists in both parties will see its obvious merits and head in this direction."

"The time has come to put partisan rhetoric aside and work together to adopt a budget that reaches balance no later than 2002, in reality as well as on paper," said Warren Rudman (R-NH), co-chair of the Concord Coalition. "This plan easily meets that challenge and would represent a major step toward restoring generational responsibility as a national goal."

"I commend the Blue Dog group for both their hard work in developing this excellent plan and their courage in showing their colleagues in Congress that good policy can also be good politics," said former Representative and Concord Board Member Tim Penny (D-MN). "This plan goes beyond achieving balance in five years, to build sizeable surpluses that will help the nation build the economy needed to deal with the pressures of an aging society."

Check this link for Concord's detailed analysis of the blue dog budget plan.