Bobby Munroe
Bobbie Munroe
Florida State Director

Bobbie Munroe, based just outside Tallahassee, is a long-time supporter and has served in multiple volunteer roles for The Concord Coalition both in Florida and Georgia. She owns Fraser Financial, a financial planning firm with offices in Atlanta and Tallahassee.  She has been an officer and board member of various professional associations.

Over the years, Munroe has become increasingly alarmed by the federal government’s exploding annual deficit and debt. In an effort to become part of the solution, in 2009 Munroe accepted the position of chairman of The Concord Coalition’s Atlanta Fiscal Advisory Council, one of six groups across the United States that explored an array of possible actions that, if taken, could avert or at least mitigate the coming fiscal storm.  These councils convened diverse groups of citizens, explained the problems to them, focused on areas where there was broad consensus, and crafted a list of recommendations.

Since then, Munroe has presented those recommendations to members of Congress, the media, and the public. She is optimistic that “if those in D.C. listen to ALL of their constituents rather than blindly serve their base, we can move forward to create a brighter fiscal future for all of us.”

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