The Fiscal Wake Up Tour brings together a group of speakers from diverse perspectives including:




Special Guests

At various events we sometimes bring in guest speakers familiar to the local audience.  Below are some guests from recent events:

Gables, FL

Houston, TX

Denver, CO

Kennebunkport, ME

  • Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), Ranking Member of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee

Milwaukee, WI

  • Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI-1st), Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee

Pittsburgh, PA

  • Paul H. O'Neill, former Secretary of the Treasury

Tallahassee, FL

San Francisco, CA

  • Leon Panetta, former White House Chief of Staff and former U.S. Representative

  • Tom Campbell, former U.S. Representative 

Nashville, TN

Tampa, FL

Syracuse, NY

Cincinnati, OH

Columbus, OH

  • Rob Portman, Director of Office of Management and Budget

  • John Glenn, former U.S. Senator from Ohio

Seattle, Washington Forum and Town Hall

  • Mark Emmert, President, University of Washington

  • Sandra Archibald, Dean, The Evans School of Public Affairs

  • Norman B. Rice, The Evans School of Public Affairs

Denver, Colorado Town Hall

  • John Hickenlooper, Mayor of Denver

  • Richard Lamm, Former Governor of Colorado

  • Jeffrey Hart, Association of Government Accountants

Austin, TX

  • Michael Granof, Professor of Accounting, University of Texas

Wilmington, Delaware Panel Discussion

Portland University Panel Discussion:

  • Ridge Multop, Senior Representative for Federal Affairs, AARP

  • John Radford, State of Oregon Controller

Humphrey Institute Panel Discussion: Deficit Politics from a Congressional Perspective

Richmond, Virginia Panel Discussion: Why We All Have a Stake in Finding Solutions