Let’s Say ‘Thank You’ to the People Who Made the Budget Deal Possible: The Voiceless Younger Generation

Published Feb 8, 2018. By Scot Lehigh.

Just when it seemed like Washington was hopelessly mired in budgetary brinkmanship, the same leaders who have saved us before stepped forward again to make possible a budget deal!

. . . 

But if (the budget deal) does become the template, that will mean that in less than two months, this nation will have made unfunded fiscal commitments that could incur $3 trillion in additional debt over 10 years.

And who will bear that debt? The younger generation. And future generations.

“This is called a breakthrough because they didn’t shut the government down, but it blows through any pretense of fiscal responsibility,” says Bob Bixby, executive director of the Concord Coalition, another nonpartisan fiscal watchdog.