Cheers & Jeers: Who Is This Guy?

By Marty Trillhaase.

At the top of Crapo's taxpayer-provided webpage ( is a counter depicting how quickly the United States is sinking into debt. With numbers rolling over in a fraction of a second, it's challenging for the naked eye to keep up.

The image is part and parcel of Crapo's reputation as a paragon of fiscal sanity.


So where was that Mike Crapo Tuesday?

There he sat on the Senate Finance Committee. Single-handedly, he could have joined the panel's 11 Democrats and stopped the irresponsible GOP tax plan that will deliver permanent goodies to corporations and wealthy investors, spread a few temporary crumbs to middle-class taxpayers - and blow up the national debt by at least another $1.4 trillion and possibly as much as $2.2 trillion in the next decade.

He didn't listen to the Concord Coalition.