Meet Your Field Directors

The Concord Coalition has two distinct purposes. The first is to cut through partisan politics to share with average Americans a true and accurate picture of the difficult challenges facing our economy and what choices we have for fixing them. The second is to stimulate the kind of honest and realistic public discussion and debate that will break through the gridlock and give leaders the courage to do what is right for the nation as a whole, as a counterforce to narrow interests.

Your active involvement is critical to our success in achieving both purposes. Your efforts to contact your legislators, ask questions at town hall meetings and campaign events, set up speaking opportunities, organize panel discussions, form speakers bureaus, write to your local papers, and speak with your family, friends, and neighbors are essential.

Please contact us to find out how your efforts -- whether you have only a few moments a month or much more time available -- can make a real difference in our nation's future.

Field Staff

National Field Director
Washington, DC
Phone: (703) 894-6222
National Political Director
Southern Regional Director
Atlanta, GA Phone: (404) 584-0008
National Grassroots Director
Northeast Regional Director
Washington, DC Phone: (703) 894-6222
Rocky Mountain States Regional Director
Jackson, WY Phone: (307) 413-8879
Midwest Regional Director
Iowa City, IA
Phone: (319) 471-0236
Western Regional Director
Fresno, CA Phone: (559) 431-0375