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Steve Winn
Communications Director (703) 254-7828

Steve Winn is the communications director for The Concord Coalition. He handles media requests and works with the organization’s policy experts in preparing issue briefs, blogs, op-ed articles and broadcast commentary. He edits the newsletter that Concord usually publishes each week Congress is in session.

Winn also speaks to college classes, community groups and other organizations about the nation’s fiscal and economic challenges. He is involved with Concord’s grassroots programs around the country, working with the organization’s field staff and local partners in presenting public forums and deficit-reduction exercises. He arranges briefings for newspaper editorial boards and other journalists.

Winn has taught courses on the media, politics and American society at Baker University’s School of Professional and Graduate Studies in the Kansas City area.

Before joining Concord in 2009, he held several reporting and editing positions during a 30-year career at The Kansas City Star. As the paper’s deputy editorial page editor, he frequently wrote about national politics, economics, health care policy and the need for fiscal reform.

Winn has a master's degree in liberal arts with an emphasis in history from Baker University and a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

The Concord Coalition is a national, nonpartisan organization dedicated to fiscal responsibility and reform. It was founded in 1992 by Peter G. Peterson, former U.S. commerce secretary; Warren Rudman, a Republican senator from New Hampshire, and Paul Tsongas, a former Democratic senator from Massachusetts.

Recent Publications

Overoptimistic Economic Projections Could Lead Washington Astray
March 18, 2019
Although the tax and spending suggestions in President Trump’s new budget have received most of the attention, the unrealistic nature of his projections on economic growth must be kept in mind as Congress begins working on plans for Fiscal 2020.
GAO’s High Risk List Offers Valuable Suggestions
March 12, 2019
Congress and the administration have a lot of work to do in protecting taxpayer dollars, judging from a new report from the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) on programs that it considers at “high risk” for waste, fraud and mismanagement. In its biennial high risk report, GAO -- often called “the congressional watchdog” -- said its rankings for more than half of the over 30 areas on the list remained largely unchanged and three have regressed.
Fed Chair Challenges Apathy About the Debt
March 04, 2019
With many lawmakers in both parties acting as if the high and rising national debt doesn’t matter, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has provided a timely reminder that it does. Powell delivered that message to Senate and House committees last week. In prepared testimony, he said Fed officials generally “view current economic conditions as healthy and the economic outlook as favorable.”