‘Facing the Future’: Kasich, Penny on Fiscal Challenges

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During the fourth broadcast of “Facing the Future,” we aired portions of The Concord Coalition’s recent event in Washington, “Fiscal Freefall: When Will it Stop?,” which featured Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich and former U.S. Rep. Tim Penny.

The conversation focused on the nation’s fiscal policies and how they are jeopardizing our future. Despite the nation’s challenges, however, the two former congressional colleagues expressed hope and discussed possible bipartisan solutions.

Five Key Problems with the President’s 2019 Budget Plan

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Although Congress has yet to complete its long overdue work on spending plans for the current fiscal year, lawmakers must soon turn their attention to the budget for Fiscal 2019, which begins Oct. 1. Unfortunately, President Trump’s proposed budget fails to provide credible guidance and falls far short of what is required to put the federal government on a sustainable fiscal path -- particularly after Washington’s recent approval of deficit-financed spending and tax breaks.

Here are five areas of critical concern:

Kasich, Penny Discuss Risks and Solutions

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Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich and former U.S. Rep. Tim Penny warned Friday that irresponsible fiscal policies are jeopardizing the nation’s future, but the two former congressional colleagues also pointed towards a number of possible solutions.

Bipartisan Analysts Note Problems with Trump Budget

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During the second broadcast of "Facing the Future" budget experts expressed concern over the nation’s path after recent deficit-financed tax and spending legislation, and they saw a lack of fiscal discipline in the president’s Fiscal 2019 budget proposal.

North Carolina Students Wrestle with Federal Budget

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This is a guest blog post by Marjorie Dufek, the North Carolina coordinator for The Concord Coalition.

“A $20 trillion debt is insane, and our representatives carry a huge responsibility, with so many sides to each issue. With so many choices, it’s hard to see which is the right one.”

Trump Budget Is a Confession of Failure on Fiscal Challenges

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WASHINGTON -- President Trump’s proposed budget for Fiscal 2019 falls far short of what is needed to put the nation’s finances on a sustainable path, particularly in light of the deficit-financed spending and tax breaks that he and Congress approved in the last two months.

Robert L. Bixby, executive director of The Concord Coalition, issued the following statement today:

This budget is essentially a confession of failure on dealing with the nation's fiscal challenges.

Spending Deal Rejects Any Semblance of Fiscal Responsibility

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When 2017 began the nation had a new Congress, a new president and an old problem: debt on an unsustainable path. One year later, the new Congress and the new president have done nothing to address the old problem. In fact, they have made it worse.

The tax cut that was passed with great fanfare just before Christmas and celebrated as a “gift” to the American people will add at least one trillion dollars to the debt we are leaving to our children.