Milwaukee Regional Fiscal Advisory Council

As part of the Fiscal Stewardship Project, community leaders and stakeholders from around the Milwaukee area partnered with The Concord Coalition to form the Milwaukee-Area Fiscal Advisory Council.[1] A key objective for the council was to facilitate civic engagement and dialogue about federal fiscal challenges that would identify significant, sustainable and technically feasible changes and reforms that could be supported by elected officials and other decision makers, and the public.[2]

To inform the advisory council’s work, Milwaukee-area citizens, stakeholders and council members participated in two facilitated dialogues[3] where many important and related priorities and trade-offs were discussed.

Following these two dialogues, members of the Milwaukee-Area Fiscal Advisory Council (MKE-FAC) spent numerous hours researching and reading independently, and more than 15 hours together in five meetings between August and November 2009. The report included here reflects the members’ dedication, creativity and commitment to civic engagement and responsibility.

On Tuesday, December 8th, several representatives of the MKE-FAC met with Wisconsin delegates in Washington, DC - during the meetings, this report was shared along with strong encouragement for Wisconsin Senators and Congressmen and women to encourage a bi-partisan Fiscal Commission to deal with the impending fiscal crisis facing our nation.


See the following links for additional info:

[1] A list of the members of the Milwaukee Fiscal Advisory Council can be found in Appendix A.

[2] Civic engagement and dialogue are an extension of the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour. The tour brings together a group of speakers from diverse perspectives including but not limited to experts from The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, The Concord Coalition, The Brookings Institution and The Heritage Foundation.

[3] Viewpoint Learning designs and conducts specialized dialogues for business and public policy: