Denver Regional Fiscal Advisory Council

The goal of the Denver Regional FAC is to engage students, from across the many academic institutions in the Denver Metro area, in a comprehensive dialogue about the fiscal challenges our nation faces. This will be a student focused project in Denver working primarily with the University of Denver and its Chancellor Robert Coombe. Specifically.  Starting this summer and into the early fall, we will be recruiting students to participate in a steering committee whose goals will be:

  1. Convene two to three panels of experts for public forums on Social Security reform, health care reform, and solutions to the nation’s sustainability crisis; (much like the current FWUT)

  2. Host a student coordinated Fiscal Responsibility Summit in the late fall.  The result of this summit would be to produce a multi-media presentation containing principles of reform crafted by the student committee.

The kickoff was an I.O.U.S.A. screening at Denver University on Saturday, April 18th.  While the screening was intended to be followed by a panel discussion -- with the film’s director, Patrick Creadon; Bob Bixby; and Former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, Andrew Romanoff -- inclement weather did not allow this panel discussion to occur due to traveling complications. 

Additional meetings have occured with a core group of stakeholders; namely, officials from several Denver academic institutions including the University of Denver, Regis University, Colorado State University, and University of Colorado for purposes of setting up the fiscal advisory council. 

Concord staff has scheduled meetings with faculty at Regis University and Denver University about hosting future events.  We hope to move ahead for a fall semester series of events -- culminating in a October student summit and then to bring in some of the more active participants to Washington in early December for the Fiscal Stewardship Project conference.