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GOP Budget Resolution Still Under Discussion

March 29, 2016

During the congressional recess, House leaders are reportedly continuing efforts to bridge Republican disagreements over a proposed budget resolution that follows a bipartisan deal last fall to loosen spending caps by $30 billion for Fiscal 2017.

Some House Republicans want to either scrap that deal or ensure that there will also be $30 billion in cuts to entitlement programs. Democratic opposition would likely block either of those options in the Senate, and some Republicans want to make sure the Pentagon receives its additional funding.

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Campaign Promises Should Reflect Fiscal Realities

March 15, 2016

In advance of contests in several key primary and caucus states today, The Concord Coalition recently reminded all presidential candidates that the rising national debt will affect the feasibility of their policy proposals

“The debt is your running mate,” Concord’s co-chairs said. “It will be there when this year’s winning candidate takes the Oath of Office. Your campaign promises need to reflect that reality. So far, they don’t.”