Citizens Can Make Themselves Heard

Blog Post
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Although the nation’s economic and fiscal challenges are daunting, Diane Lim Rogers, The Concord Coalition’s chief economist, encourages ordinary citizens not to give up in pressing politicians for effective action. 

“Think the only way to influence them is with money? Wrong,” she argues in a recent guest column for The Christian Science Monitor. “Just as the ‘Occupiers’ and tea partyers have discovered, there's tremendous potential power in using one's freedom of speech – whether it's attending rallies, writing letters to politicians or local newspapers, speaking up on social networks, or exercising the right to vote. These are all free ways each one of us can make a difference.” Rogers also emphasizes that the country has many strengths and its problems are not insurmountable: “The U.S. economy can produce far more jobs, once confidence returns, and has the resources to plug any fiscal shortfalls, once we get politicians to cooperate.” Read more with The Economics of Gratitude