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Effective IRS Actions Can Help Cut Deficit

August 17, 2017

During budget negotiations in the coming weeks, Congress should ensure that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has sufficient funding to effectively enforce the tax laws and improve taxpayer assist

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Swift Bipartisan Action Needed on Health Care

August 01, 2017
With the Senate’s failure to pass health care legislation in last week’s votes, Congress should turn to a bipartisan approach. This is needed both to fix the serious, short-term problems with health care marketplaces around the country and to propel health care cost-control initiatives over the longer term.
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Medicare Scare Tactics

August 14, 2017
Health Care

TV ads from a Democratic group warn seniors that “right now, your Medicare coverage is in danger,” claiming “deep, automatic cuts” could be made by “unelected Washington bureaucrats.” But those cut

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Talks on Spending Plan, Tax Breaks Drag On

December 08, 2015

With stopgap legislation set to expire on Friday, lawmakers are continuing to work on overdue spending plans for the rest of the fiscal year that began Oct. 1.

There had been hopes that a proposed agreement might be announced Monday, but they proved premature. Neither the White House nor congressional leaders and negotiators sounded particularly upbeat on Monday, with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying the House might be kept in session through next weekend.