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Trust Fund Accounting Obscures Fiscal Problems of Social Security and Medicare

July 20, 2017
Every year the trustees of Social Security and Medicare issue detailed reports on the financial status of these programs. While the trustees’ reports consistently warn that both programs face serious shortfalls, the urgency of this warning is often undercut by undue attention to the years in which the Social Security trust funds and the Medicare Hospital Insurance (HI) trust fund are projected to become insolvent.
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K Street Ups Pressure for Congress to Raise Debt Limit

July 17, 2017
CQ Roll Call
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Lobbyist for financial services and business groups are putting more pressure on Congress to quickly raise the debt limit and fund the government “without drama,” according to a July 17 s

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Lawmakers Continue Work on Spending, Tax Plans

December 15, 2015

Congressional negotiators have indicated they are making substantial progress on deals that would cover spending plans for the rest of Fiscal 2016 and the extension of a number of tax breaks for businesses and individuals.

With the fiscal year already two and a half months old, the $1.1 trillion spending plan is long overdue. To avoid a government shutdown, lawmakers last week moved their self-imposed deadline for a deal to this Wednesday, and another delay is likely this week as lawmakers consider whatever legislative proposals emerge from the negotiations.

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Trump Sounds Conventional on the Budget

December 15, 2015

Donald Trump is often described as an “unconventional” candidate. On the federal budget, however, his campaign promises are entirely too conventional.

As Concord Coalition Executive Director Robert L. Bixby writes in a new blog post, some candidates deny the necessity of entitlement reform. Some want enormous tax cuts without offering credible proposals to prevent this from worsening the debt.