Sen. Al Simpson lunch

Oct. 18, 2013, 12:00pm-1:30pm
Snow King Hotel
Jackson, Wyoming, 83001, United States

When I heard Al was to be in town for another event, I contacted his assistant to see if there was an interest in a fiscal update. There was and I quickly arranged for a lunch and promotion. I had to guarantee a number of plates, I chose 150 and we ended up feeding 200.

Paul spoke, Al spoke I used one chart talk slide, the history of debt to GDP, that was projected in front of the group during the entire event.

I spoke for about 10 minutes, introduced the Senator, who spoke for 25 minutes, then I moderate a quiestion period. The next day the front page headline was a story on the lunch entitled Simpson Spares No One, which did not mention me or Concord. Al was concerned about the $30 lunch cost, so we made it voluntary. Most people paid, but some did not. We had about 50 free seats available specifically for people who did not want lunch, and about 60 people took advantage of that. Donations covered the lunch cost. Concord paid the promotional cost, a couple newspaper ads, for about $600.