Solving the Debt Crisis

Feb. 11, 2013, 11:00am-12:30pm
New Hampshire Institute of Politics
Saint Anselm College, Manchester, New Hampshire, United States



What Must Be Done Now to Save New Hampshire and the United States

Speakers include: David M. Cote, Chairman and CEO, Honeywell

Donnalee Lozeau, Mayor, City of Nashua

Lou D’Allesandro, State Senator

Robert L. Bixby, The Concord Coalition

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Hampshire Institute of Politics

Saint Anselm College

Manchester, New Hampshire

11:00 am until 12:30 pm

For more information contact Jeff Thiebert at [email protected] 


The Concord Coalition, which has long viewed public engagement as essential to U.S. fiscal reform, is partnering with the Campaign to Fix the Debt to present  a series of public forums around the country in the coming weeks.

 This joint project will focus its efforts on ten programs six states: Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida and Tennessee. While these events will be open to the public, they will take a variety of forms.

 The speakers at the upcoming events will include both national and regional experts on the rapid growth of the federal debt and related issues, including the need fundamental reforms of the tax system and entitlement programs. There will also be an emphasis on the need to curbing future increases in health care costs. Some of the speakers hold either state or national positions with the Fix the Debt campaign.

The events in the coming weeks will help the American public to better understand many of the possible solutions that have been suggested by bipartisan commissions and others – and some of the trade-offs that should be carefully considered.  In addition, speakers at the programs will explain the importance of putting the federal budget on a sustainable track sooner rather than later.