June 25, 2017

The Super Committee’s 13th Member... You

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The Concord Coalition is calling upon the 12 members of the Congressional Super Committee to include a critical 13th member in their deliberations -- you. As we discussed in yesterday's post, The American People Want In, the Committee’s decisions will affect every American so it’s only right that every American has a voice in their deliberations.  

Let your voice be heard and demand that members of the Super Committee engage the American people in a dialogue about the tough choices America faces.  The issues at stake -- from social insurance to national security, domestic investments and tax reform -- have profound consequences for our nation. This is your chance to weigh in.

The Super Committee’s Thanksgiving deadline means that time is short, so your participation now is critical. Don’t let this opportunity to help decide America’s fiscal future pass you by. 

Here’s what you can do:

1. Contact Super Committee members and tell them, “Listen to the American people, and put all options on the table.”
Committee MemberStateWebsiteSocial 
Rep. Jeb Hensarling (Co-Chair)TXhensarling.house.gov   
Sen. Patty Murray (Co-Chair)WAmurray.senate.gov   
Rep. Xavier BecerraCAbecerra.house.gov   
Rep. Dave CampMIcamp.house.gov  
Rep. James ClyburnSCclyburn.house.gov 
Rep. Fred UptonMIupton.house.gov 
Rep. Chris Van HollenMDvanhollen.house.gov 
Sen. Max BaucusMTbaucus.senate.gov
Sen. John KerryMAkerry.senate.gov 
Sen. Jon KylAZkyl.senate.gov 
Sen. Rob PortmanOHportman.senate.gov 
Sen. Pat ToomeyPAtoomey.senate.gov 

2. Tell your family and friends how important this effort is, and get them involved. Don’t go it alone.

3. Visit The Concord Coalition regularly for information, updates and next steps:

4. Support The Concord Coalition.  We rely on citizens’ contributions to help us in this fight.