August 28, 2015


27 Aug, 2015 - Special Publication

In a new letter to the editor, Chase Hagaman, New England regional director for The Concord Coalition, says Social Security and Medicare reform need to be included in discussions on reducing the national debt. The letter can also be found here

A recent letter to the editor says it is misguided for The Concord Coalition and journalists to focus on Medicare and Social Security in discussions about the rising national debt.

We at Concord certainly agree that changes are needed throughout the...

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10 Dec, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition will host a briefing on the challenges facing the Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare on Tuesday, Dec. 16, beginning at 10 a.m. in room HC-8 of the U.S. Capitol. The briefing's panelists will examine the following questions: How will the Commission... Read More
2 Nov, 1997 - Facing Facts
Back in 1984, HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler, impressed by the cost savings from a major reform of Medicare's payment system, concluded that America had "broken the back of the health-care inflation monster." We hadn't, of course: Costs soon surged again. Over the last few years, many politicians... Read More
7 Sep, 1997 - Facing Facts
The recent rapid decline in the federal deficit has prompted some to conclude that we're heading for a long era of large budget surpluses. In a previous alert, we explained why this hoopla is premature. At best, we can expect a brief period of minor surpluses lasting several years beyond 2002, and... Read More
10 Aug, 1997 - Facing Facts
Everybody is debating a grand new question about our fiscal future: what to do with the vast budget surpluses Washington will soon be piling up. This question isn't occasioned by the revised deficit numbers announced by President Clinton last week. The official projections still foresee at best a... Read More
28 Jul, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today praised Congressional leaders and the President for reaching agreement on the details of a plan to balance the budget by 2002, but urged that no time be lost in moving on to the more difficult challenge of preparing Medicare and Social Security for the... Read More
23 Jul, 1997 - Facing Facts
The prospects for the Senate's proposal to raise Medicare's eligibility age are dimming. The administration is opposed. And the House, skittish about charges of senior-bashing after last year's "Mediscare" campaign, has gone on record (in a lopsided vote of 414 to 14) against its inclusion in the... Read More
22 Jul, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The Concord Coalition today praised President Clinton's recent efforts to encourage the House of Representatives to support Medicare "means-testing." "The president's strong support of means-testing has taken the partisan edge off this issue," said Concord... Read More
16 Jul, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- While urging the president and Congress to take steps to prevent future Medicare overpayments such as those uncovered by a recent audit, the Concord Coalition today warned that the savings from such an effort would not come close to making the program solvent over the next five years... Read More
15 Jul, 1997 - Facing Facts
The Senate's proposal to raise Medicare Part B premiums for affluent beneficiaries has hit a snag. As written, the measure would require the means test to be administered by HHS. The White House insists that it would be simpler and more effective to have the IRS administer it. The White House is... Read More
13 Jul, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- A coalition of 11 organizations is urging Congressional tax conferees to oppose a Senate provision that could raise the deficit or force deep cuts in non-transportation spending by transferring the 4.3 cents-per-gallon fuels tax enacted in 1993 to the Highway Trust Fund. The... Read More