July 3, 2015


2 Jul, 2015 - Issue Brief


The Highway Trust Fund provides the financing structure for federal investment in transportation projects. It consists of two accounts: the highway account, which supports projects for the interstate system and other roads, and the transit account, which supports light rail and other mass transit projects across the country.

Motor fuels taxes serve as the primary dedicated revenue source for the fund. These taxes -- on gasoline and diesel -- provide most of the fund’s revenue.

The trust fund...

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23 Jun, 1997 - Facing Facts
With its proposal to reduce Medicare's Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) subsidies to affluent beneficiaries, the Senate Finance Committee is pushing the budget debate in the right direction.The Concord Coalition has long argued that means-testing is an equitable way to reduce the rising burden... Read More
22 Jun, 1997 - Facing Facts
Does Social Security give Americans their "money's worth"? The old answer -- of course it does -- has in recent years come under increasing attack. Small wonder. Rates of return on contributions keep falling. According to most experts, a growing share of new retirees are not getting back the market... Read More
27 May, 1997 - Facing Facts
The budget deal's defects are by now well known. Its proposed savings are grossly backended -- over half of the deficit reduction is postponed until 2002 -- and are therefore uncertain. It leans on highly optimistic policy assumptions. And it creates new entitlements without enacting any structural... Read More
1 May, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today congratulated the Congressional leadership and White House on reaching agreement on a plan to balance the budget by 2002, but cautioned that much more work is left to be done. "The bipartisan negotiators of this deal deserve praise for reaching... Read More
27 Apr, 1997 - Facing Facts
The 1997 annual reports of the Social Security and Medicare Trustees, released late last week, are similar to the 1996 reports. The main thing that's changed is that we are now a year closer to the Baby Boom's retirement and fiscal collapse. The Trustees still project that Social Security... Read More
7 Apr, 1997 - Facing Facts
In a much-publicized study, Duke University researchers recently reported that elderly disability rates have been declining, and concluded that if this trend continues over the next few decades it could erase much of Medicare's projected cost growth. Many, notably Senator Edward Kennedy, are citing... Read More
2 Apr, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--Former Senator Sam Nunn (D-Ga.) has been named co-chairman of the Concord Coalition, a nationwide, grassroots organization dedicated to ending federal budget deficits and building a sound economy for future generations. The Concord Coalition was founded in 1992 by the late Paul... Read More
30 Mar, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--Concord Coalition founders Warren Rudman (R-N.H.) and former Secretary of Commerce Peter Peterson will announce the appointment of Concord's new co-chairman, former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.), and challenge President Clinton and Congress to get serious about balancing the budget and... Read More
19 Mar, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today praised members of both parties in Congress who have expressed support for separating the critical task of balancing the budget from the politically-charged issue of tax cuts. "As we have witnessed over the past two years, demanding that tax cuts be... Read More
13 Mar, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The budget plan recently introduced by the House Democratic Blue Dog Coalition deserves "widespread support" from members of Congress who are serious about balancing the budget and keeping it balanced, according to an analysis of the plan released today by the Concord... Read More