July 29, 2014


28 Jul, 2014 - Press Release

 WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition said today that the new reports from the Social Security and Medicare trustees highlight the need for prompt reform of federal entitlement programs, with further delays in such work creating a particular problem for Social Security’s Disability Insurance program.

“As in past years, the trustees’ annual reports remind us that without broad reforms, Social Security and Medicare will increasingly squeeze other parts of the federal budget while putting steady upward pressure on annual deficits and the nation’s level of debt,” said Robert L. Bixby...

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24 Sep, 1996 - Special Publication
The Problem:A rapidly aging population in the United States, as in most other industrialized nations, poses serious long term problems for the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs. The huge baby boom generation will begin reaching retirement age in little more than a decade. By 2040,... Read More
18 Sep, 1996 - Press Release
CONCORD URGES SENATORS TO OPPOSE TRANSFER OF1993 GAS TAX INCREASE TO TRANSPORTATION TRUST FUNDS WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition Citizens Council is urging Senators to oppose legislation that would transfer the 4.3 cents-per-gallon federal gasoline tax enacted in 1993 from deficit reduction... Read More
12 Sep, 1996 - Facing Facts
The days when a proposal to expand the welfare state could get a serious hearing are long gone, right? Think again. Although both major party candidates agree that growing and untargeted benefits to the middle class must be controlled, Clinton and Dole are peddling a raft of tax favors, from the... Read More
15 Aug, 1996 - Facing Facts
On Sunday, August 4, the Concord Coalition ran a full-page ad in the New York Times telling voters to beware of candidates who promise to enact large tax cuts before the country gets its fiscal house in order. The next day, Bob Dole promised to make just such a tax cut the cornerstone of his... Read More
22 Jul, 1996 - Facing Facts
The problems facing Social Security -- massive deficits beginning just sixteen years from now, a cascading pattern of generational inequity that destines each new cohort to receive lower returns than the last, and evaporating public trust in the system -- are leading many to conclude that we should... Read More
7 Jul, 1996 - Facing Facts
 According to the 1996 Trustees' report, Social Security outlays are due to exceed tax revenues beginning in 2012, a year sooner than projected in 1995. By 2020, the shortfall is expected to rise to 2.0 percent of the taxable payroll of covered workers; by 2030, to 4.0 percent; and by 2070, to... Read More
9 Jun, 1996 - Facing Facts
 Facing Facts Alert 18FACING FACTS The Truth about Entitlements and the Budget A Fax Alert from The Concord Coalition Volume II (Number 6. June 10, 1996) MORE MEDICARE FOLLIES The new Medicare Trustees' report once again brings home how out of kilter the whole system is. Rather than try to... Read More
1 May, 1996 - Facing Facts
FACING FACTS The Truth about Entitlements and the Budget A Fax Alert from The Concord Coalition Volume II ( Number 5 May 2, 1996) LISTEN UP, GENERATION X According to Richard Leone's "Don't Worry, Generation X" in Tuesday's Washington Post, the aging of America is a nonproblem. Leone, president of... Read More
25 Apr, 1996 - Facing Facts
Facing Facts Alert 16FACING FACTS The Truth about Entitlements and the Budget A Fax Alert from The Concord Coalition Volume II ( Number 4 April 26, 1996) THE UN-BUDGET DEAL The press proclaimed this week's budget agreement in banner headlines. The White House praised it as a crucial step toward a... Read More
14 Apr, 1996 - Facing Facts
Facing Facts Alert 15FACING FACTS The Truth about Entitlements and the Budget A Fax Alert from The Concord Coalition Volume II ( Number 3 April 15, 1996) THE NEW DEBATE OVER SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM: PART I A rapidly growing number of voices are advocating that we somehow transition from today's pay-... Read More