May 22, 2017


17 May, 2017 - Press Release

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Three national experts on the federal budget will discuss the nation’s difficult fiscal challenges and how to address them in a Charlotte Economics Club program at noon Thursday, May 18.

The panel will feature Diane Lim, principal economist at The Conference Board; G. William Hoagland, senior vice...

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7 Mar, 2002 - Press Release
WASHINGTON - The Concord Coalition said today that an expensive, three-year, thirty percent special depreciation allowance in the economic stimulus bill passed by the House and Senate will do very little to provide short-term stimulus but will make it more difficult to achieve a balanced... Read More
6 Mar, 2002 - Press Release
WASHINGTON – In testimony before the Senate Finance Committee today, The Concord Coalition's Co-Chairman, former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE), urged Congress to tackle fundamental health care reform before adding a new prescription drug benefit to Medicare. Kerrey told the committee: “You have... Read More
25 Feb, 2002 - Facing Facts
 The Social Security Guarantee Act (H.R. 3135) now moving through Congress would require the Secretary of the Treasury to issue a certificate guaranteeing current-law benefits to every Social Security beneficiary.The Act is a terrible idea. It threatens to lock in Social Security's... Read More
22 Jan, 2002 - Press Release
WASHINGTON ¾ With today's new forecast by the Congressional Budget Office showing that the projected non-Social Security surplus is gone ¾ not just this year but for several years to come ¾ The Concord Coalition called upon President Bush and Congress to reestablish the goal of balancing the... Read More
13 Jan, 2002 - Press Release
WASHINGTON – The Concord Coalition announced today that former Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE) has been named its new Co-Chairman, joining former Senator Warren B. Rudman (R-NH).  Senator Kerrey has been a member of Concord's Board of Directors since January 2001. The Concord Coalition was founded... Read More
17 Dec, 2001 - Press Release
WASHINGTON - With negotiations over an economic stimulus package bogged down in partisan bickering, The Concord Coalition said today that it is time for negotiators to step back from their efforts to produce a compromise package and revisit the issue, if necessary, when Congress reconvenes in... Read More
10 Dec, 2001 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- As the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security approved a final set of recommendations today, The Concord Coalition reminded Congress and the Bush Administration that those who support no immediate change in law are in effect supporting the generationally inequitable... Read More
23 Oct, 2001 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- As Congress and the President consider measures to help stimulate the economy, The Concord Coalition said today that any such legislation should be carefully designed to have its maximum effect in the very near future, minimize costs in later years, and provide the greatest stimulus... Read More
4 Oct, 2001 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- In a full-page advertisement in this Sunday's New York Times (October 7, 2001), leaders of The Concord Coalition have signed an open letter to the President and the Congress of the United States, urging “a time for thoughtful action” as they consider plans to address the business and... Read More
10 Sep, 2001 - Facing Facts
 The Railroad Retirement and Survivors' Improvement Act of 2001, which has been passed by the House and enjoys widespread support in the Senate, claims to put the program on a sounder financial footing.It does nothing of the kind. The Act undermines Railroad Retirement's financial balance by... Read More