October 27, 2016


20 Oct, 2016 - Special Publication

A lack of in-depth discussion on the national debt and federal budget deficit casts doubt on the next administration’s willingness to tackle such policy issues, according to an Oct. 20 story in CQ (subscription based).

The story, by Ryan McCrimmon, notes that presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton offered vague answers at the final presidential debate when asked about the debt, and nonpartisan organizations are cited as describing those answers as either unrealistic...

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10 Aug, 2006 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today released “Key Questions Voters Should Ask Candidates About the Budget, Social Security and Medicare,” (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) a brochure proposing questions that citizens and the media should ask candidates for federal office. Each question... Read More
3 Aug, 2006 - Press Release
WASHINGTON - With the Senate expected to vote this week on the so-called "Trifecta" bill, which includes a permanent reduction in the estate tax, temporary extension of several expiring tax provisions and a new mandatory spending program for mine reclamation along with an increase... Read More
11 Jul, 2006 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- With the Bush Administration's Mid-Session Review today projecting that very strong revenue growth will cause a slight decline in the federal budget deficit--from $318 billion last year to $296 billion this year--and also projecting that the deficit will be cut in half by 2008... Read More
29 Jun, 2006 - Special Publication
7 Jun, 2006 - Issue Brief
The Senate is scheduled to soon hold a vote on permanent estate tax repeal--its first such vote since 2002.  That date is significant because it also marked the last time the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had a 10-year projected surplus.  Times have changed.  CBO now projects... Read More
31 May, 2006 - Special Publication
The Concord Coalition Improving the Long-term Fiscal Outlook: Does it Take a Commission? May 15, 2006 National Press Club, Washington D.C.   Robert Bixby:  Okay, I think we should get started.  Boy, it's great to see a room full of people interested in long-term fiscal policy... Read More
25 May, 2006 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- Ed Lorenzen, Policy Director of The Concord Coalition, testified today before the House Budget Committee in support of proposals to grant the President modified line item veto authority while noting that it will not have a significant impact on the deficit. “Enactment of... Read More
14 May, 2006 - Facing Facts
1 May, 2006 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- With today's release of the annual Social Security and Medicare trustees' reports showing a combined long-term unfunded obligation of $15.6 trillion over 75 years in these two entitlement programs, The Concord Coalition warned that the two programs are on a fiscally... Read More
16 Apr, 2006 - Special Publication
By ROBERT L. BIXBYSpecial to The StarIt is often said that our political system responds only to a crisis. If that turns out to be true, our children and grandchildren are in big trouble.With the first of the 77 million baby boomers about to retire, the cost of Social Security and Medicare will... Read More