May 29, 2017


23 May, 2017 - Press Release

WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition expressed disappointment today in President Trump’s first budget proposal, saying it relies on improbable assertions of higher economic growth and unrealistic assumptions about future spending cuts to achieve its goal of balancing the budget in 10 years.

“The driving force of deficit reduction in this budget is the supposed super-charged economic growth effect of an unspecified tax cut,” said Concord Coalition Executive Director Robert L. Bixby. “That alone calls the credibility of the budget into question.”


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10 Jul, 2008 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The Concord Coalition announced today that Charles S. Konigsberg has been hired as the organization's Chief Budget Counsel. Konigsberg comes to The Concord Coalition after having served more than two decades in senior-level positions in the U.S. Senate and Executive Branch.... Read More
26 Jun, 2008 - Press Release
Washington, DC – Robert L. Bixby, Executive Director of The Concord Coalition, testified before a subcommittee on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee regarding the 2007 Financial Report and the nation's future fiscal challenges. Bixby emphasized that the 2007... Read More
16 Jun, 2008 - Facing Facts
5 Jun, 2008 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today welcomed the adoption of a Fiscal Year 2009 congressional budget resolution -- the first election-year passage in a deficit constrained environment since 1996 -- but warned that the plan assumes some very difficult choices on the revenue side to comply... Read More
12 May, 2008 - Special Publication
The Honorable Allen Boyd, Co-Chair for Administration, The Blue Dog Coalition The Honorable Dennis Moore Co-Chair for Policy, The Blue Dog Coalition The Honorable Mike Ross, Co-Chair for Communications, The Blue Dog Coalition The Honorable Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Whip, The Blue Dog... Read More
11 May, 2008 - Press Release
WASHINGTON – Today, The Concord Coalition is pleased to announce the official launch of Chief Economist Diane Lim Rogers' new blog entitled is an initiative by Dr. Rogers to combine her Ph.D. credentials in economics with her acquired knowledge from being... Read More
28 Apr, 2008 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition announced today that Diane Lim Rogers has been hired as the organization's first Chief Economist, coming directly from Capitol Hill where she has served as Chief Economist of the House Budget Committee since January 2007. During 2006, Dr. Rogers was... Read More
31 Mar, 2008 - Special Publication
To access the PDF version, click herePreface The authors of this paper are longtime federal budget and policy experts who have been drawn together by a deep concern about the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook. Our group covers the ideological spectrum. We are affiliated with a diverse set of... Read More
25 Mar, 2008 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- With today's release of the annual Social Security and Medicare Trustees' Reports confirming the unsustainable outlook for the federal government's two largest programs, The Concord Coalition urged presidential candidates to make long-term fiscal policy reform one of their top... Read More
12 Mar, 2008 - Issue Brief
I. Introduction The annual congressional budget process kicked-off last week with the House and Senate Budget Committees adopting similar blueprints for Fiscal Years 2009-2013 along party line votes. This week, the full House and Senate are considering the respective plans approved by the Budget... Read More