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16 Jul, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- While urging the president and Congress to take steps to prevent future Medicare overpayments such as those uncovered by a recent audit, the Concord Coalition today warned that the savings from such an effort would not come close to making the program solvent over the next five years... Read More
15 Jul, 1997 - Facing Facts
The Senate's proposal to raise Medicare Part B premiums for affluent beneficiaries has hit a snag. As written, the measure would require the means test to be administered by HHS. The White House insists that it would be simpler and more effective to have the IRS administer it. The White House is... Read More
13 Jul, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- A coalition of 11 organizations is urging Congressional tax conferees to oppose a Senate provision that could raise the deficit or force deep cuts in non-transportation spending by transferring the 4.3 cents-per-gallon fuels tax enacted in 1993 to the Highway Trust Fund. The... Read More
9 Jul, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition will run an ad in this Sunday's New York Times urging President Clinton to strongly support measures moving through Congress that would raise monthly Medicare premiums for the affluent elderly and gradually raise the Medicare eligibility age for workers retiring... Read More
25 Jun, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The Concord Coalition Citizens' Council is urging Senators to oppose the transfer of the 4.3 cents-per gallon federal gasoline tax enacted in 1993 from deficit reduction to the Highway Trust Funds. Concord Executive Director Martha Phillips said the transfer, currently included in... Read More
25 Jun, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The Concord Coalition Citizens' Council today urged Senators to oppose any attempt to remove the "Kidsave" mandatory savings tax credit from the tax bill currently before the Senate. The Kidsave mandatory savings measure, authored by Sens. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.) and John... Read More
24 Jun, 1997 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today praised the 70 members of the Senate who last night voted in favor of raising monthly Medicare premiums for the affluent elderly, and urged President Clinton and members of the House to support the measure. "In the hundreds of public forums we have... Read More
23 Jun, 1997 - Facing Facts
With its proposal to reduce Medicare's Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) subsidies to affluent beneficiaries, the Senate Finance Committee is pushing the budget debate in the right direction.The Concord Coalition has long argued that means-testing is an equitable way to reduce the rising burden... Read More
22 Jun, 1997 - Facing Facts
Does Social Security give Americans their "money's worth"? The old answer -- of course it does -- has in recent years come under increasing attack. Small wonder. Rates of return on contributions keep falling. According to most experts, a growing share of new retirees are not getting back the market... Read More
27 May, 1997 - Facing Facts
The budget deal's defects are by now well known. Its proposed savings are grossly backended -- over half of the deficit reduction is postponed until 2002 -- and are therefore uncertain. It leans on highly optimistic policy assumptions. And it creates new entitlements without enacting any structural... Read More