June 25, 2017

Concord In The News

See recent media coverage of The Concord Coalition and our issues.

Kennedy Warns Against Social Security Cuts
Congress Daily - April 26, 2010
Another Entitlement That's Unsustainable
Insurance Article Depot - April 22, 2010
Concord Coalition Warns of Sobering Milestones on the Federal Budget
Economic Forum of Palm Beach County - April 22, 2010
Budget deficit commission will wrestle with hard choices
McClatchy Newspapers - April 22, 2010
Reader urges fellow citizens to check out Concord Coalition
Lewiston News-Argus - April 21, 2010
Washington Week
Sunshine News - April 20, 2010
Notre Dame alumni to get dose of government-debt reality from economist
The Beaufort Gazette - April 20, 2010
"Reducing the Federal Deficit: Do We Have the Political Courage To Do What It Takes?"
The Maddy Forum, 90.7 KFSR (Fresno, CA) - April 17, 2010
Fiscal Commission As Cornerstone
Congressional Quarterly Weekly - April 17, 2010
Third-party groups join chorus clamoring for 2011 federal budget
The Washington Post - April 16, 2010
Fiscal hawks urge Congress to not skip budget resolution
The Hill - April 16, 2010
For US Lawmakers Seeking To Cut Deficit, Plenty of Ideas Coming
Market News International - April 16, 2010
The Deficit And Taxes
KUOW Radio - April 15, 2010
Debt panel's dilemma: Slash funds or raise taxes
The Washington Times - April 14, 2010
As Analysts Ponder Grand US Fiscal Deal, VAT Seen as Ace Card
iMarketNews.com - April 14, 2010
Nation's soaring deficit calls for painful choices
USA Today - April 13, 2010
Public learns how they're paying for national debt
KTRE (ABC East Texas) - April 13, 2010
'IOUSA Solutions': Deficit explosion
CNN Money - April 12, 2010