January 19, 2017

Concord In The News

See recent media coverage of The Concord Coalition and our issues.

Elections Put New Focus on Government Spending
The Washington Post - October 27, 2010
How Wasteful Medical-Industrial Complex Imperils Medicare
The Providence Journal - October 27, 2010
Coons, O'Donnell Avoid Details on Closing Deficit
Associated Press - October 27, 2010
Britain’s Cuts: Daring or Daft?
Boston NPR - October 26, 2010
Fiscal Fluff 'n Stuff on the Campaign Trail
CNN Money - October 25, 2010
Kiwanians Get Scoop on Federal Fiscal Policy
The Albany Journal - October 20, 2010
Think Tank Proposes Invoice to Show What Federal Taxes Buy
The Journal News (Westchester County, NY) - October 17, 2010
Pandering to Geezers, Bipartisan-Style
Chicago Tribune - October 14, 2010
Democrats' Bold Stand: Want to Trim Federal Debt? Cut Defense.
The Christian Science Monitor - October 13, 2010
Concord Coalition Brings Fiscal Focus to Wisconsin
Wisconsin Radio Network - October 12, 2010
Speaker: Economic Growth No Solution to Fiscal Woes
Rome News-Tribune - October 11, 2010
Economy Experts Say U.S. is Sinking
The Portsmouth Herald - October 8, 2010
Here's Hoping The Nation Heeds Economy Experts on National Tour
The Portsmouth Herald - October 8, 2010
The Politics of Fiscal Responsibility
Marketplace - October 6, 2010
Few Deficit Hawks To Be Found In US Debate On Bush Tax Cuts
Market News International - October 6, 2010
Fiscal Solutions Tour to Visit City
The Portsmouth Herald - October 5, 2010
US Hse GOP Leaders Keep Distance From Rep Ryan's Fiscal Plan
Market News International - October 5, 2010
Fiscal Solutions Tour Coming to Portsmouth Area
The Portsmouth Herald - October 3, 2010