October 6, 2015

Concord In The News

See recent media coverage of The Concord Coalition and our issues.

Campus Call to Fix the Debt
Wisconsin Radio Network - May 3, 2013
Pocan, Johnson Discuss Federal Debt at Madison Forum
Wisconsin State Journal - May 3, 2013
Federal Budget Workshop in Sacramento
rocklintoday.com - April 29, 2013
Budget Battle: 3 Plans on the Table, What Now?
Associated Press - April 25, 2013
Dems, GOP Talk Up Deficit Reduction, But Don't Act
Associated Press - April 25, 2013
Revamped Simpson-Bowles Plan Shows A Path To U.S. Deficit Deal
Market News International (MNI) - April 25, 2013
Bera to Take on Budget with Public
Citrus Heights Patch - April 23, 2013
Granite Status Column
New Hampshire Union Leader - April 22, 2013
Program Marks Opening of Rudman Center at UNH
Associated Press (Boston.com) - April 21, 2013
On U.S. Hill, Fiscal Issues May Fade From View At Least Briefly
Market News International (MNI) - April 16, 2013
Both Sides Hate It, So Obama's Budget Is on the Right Track
The Columbus Dispatch - April 15, 2013
Federal Farm Aid Supports a Key Part of Sumner Economy
The Kansas City Star - April 14, 2013
Feds Steer Much Help to the Elderly
The Kansas City Star - April 14, 2013
Obama Plan Gives Fiscal Debate Energy And Confusion
Market News International - April 12, 2013
Obama Budget Is Failure of Will and Imagination
MarketWatch (the Wall Street Journal) - April 12, 2013