October 20, 2014

Concord In The News

See recent media coverage of The Concord Coalition and our issues.

As New Fiscal Crises Near, Democrats Seek More Tax Increases
January 9, 2013 - The Wichita Eagle (McClatchy Newspapers)
An Exercise in Fiscal Evasion
January 6, 2013 - Real Clear Politics (Chicago Tribune)
Aim Low, Fire With Care
January 4, 2013 - Congressional Quarterly
With Tax Deal, U.S. Is Off the Cliff But Not Out of the Woods
January 3, 2013 - The Kansas City Star (McClatchy Newspapers)
Fiscal Cliff Bill Chockfull of Goodies For Special Interest Groups
January 3, 2013 - Omaha.com (Associated Press)
'Fiscal Cliff' Deal Has Billions in Business Tax Breaks
January 2, 2013 - Los Angeles Times
Fractious GOP House Passes Senate Tax 'Cliff' Bill
January 2, 2013 - The Fiscal Times
U.S. Fiscal Cliff Watch: No Hope For 'Less Brinksmanship' Ahead
January 2, 2013 - Market News International
‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal Leaves More Work To Be Done
January 2, 2013 - WBUR (Boston)
A fiscal cliff solution, served with a side of tax breaks
January 2, 2013 - McClatchy Newspapers
‘No’ Leads Nowhere
January 2, 2013 - Columbus Dispatch
Critics Complain About Fiscal Cliff Compromise
January 1, 2013 - Voice of America
Deal Guarantees Spending Showdown
January 1, 2013 - The Hill
Washington Journal for Sunday, December 30
December 30, 2012 - C-SPAN
Jackson Resident Worries About the Fiscal Cliff
December 26, 2012 - Wyoming Public Media
Medicare Premiums Could Rise For Many Retirees
December 25, 2012 - Daily Herald (Associated Press)