February 27, 2017

Concord In The News

See recent media coverage of The Concord Coalition and our issues.

Dave Walker Says Time Running Out to Fix Debt Crisis
Globe Gazette (Iowa) - October 29, 2015
Don’t Be Afraid of These Zombies
Kenosha News (Wisconsin) - October 29, 2015
Ryan Takes Speaker's Gavel, Faces Daunting Challenges
McClatchy News Service - October 29, 2015
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Congressional Quarterly - October 29, 2015
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Washington Monthly - October 28, 2015
Fiscal Deal Offers Nation Stability, Not Heroism
Market News International - October 28, 2015
Raise the Debt Limit Now
The Hill - October 27, 2015
Voters to Gauge Senator Ron Johnson's Role in Federal Budget Issues
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - October 24, 2015
Rep. Scott Peters Introduces Debt Limit Reform Bills
Press Office of Congressman Scott Peters - October 22, 2015
A Critique of Bernie Sanders' Comments on Denmark
Daily Beast - October 18, 2015
Kasich’s U.S. Plan Like Ohio
Columbus Dispatch - October 17, 2015
Debates Need to Focus on 'Unsustainable' Fiscal Path
Joplin Globe - October 16, 2015
New Debt Limit Deadline Presses Congress to Act
Congressional Quarterly - October 15, 2015