June 24, 2017

New Campaign Aims to 'Fix the Debt'

  • The national debt has grown significantly in recent years due to rising annual deficits. A deficit occurs in any year the government spends more...

“Campaign to Fix the Debt,” a new initiative to push for comprehensive fiscal reform, is being launched in Washington today. The campaign calls the unsustainable long-term path of the federal debt “a grave challenge to our future.”

The goal is “to galvanize national support for a comprehensive debt reduction plan that Congress can pass and the President will sign by July 4, 2013 at the very latest.”

With support from a bipartisan coalition of budget experts, former lawmakers, and business and civic leaders, the campaign promises to  “make clear the consequences of not enacting such a plan, and create an environment where voting ‘yes’ on a comprehensive debt reduction plan is good policy and good politics.”

The official “Fix the Debt” launch was scheduled for this afternoon at the National Press Club.

Concord Coalition Co-Chairman Sam Nunn, a former U.S. senator from Georgia, serves on the campaign’s steering committee. One of the campaign’s chairmen is Judd Gregg, a former U.S. senator from New Hampshire and a member of Concord’s board of directors.