May 25, 2017

Proposed Cuts Fall Short of Promises

  • The federal budget is an expression of our country's values. Where we choose to spend and at what levels, how and who we tax, and the borrowing we...

Using authority provided by a new House rule, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced last week that this fiscal year's allocation to the House Appropriations Committee would be $1.055 trillion, a cut of $35 billion below the FY 2010 funding level.

Ryan's allocations assume an $8 billion increase for security funding and a $43 billion cut for non-security funding.  House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-KY) also released allocations to the 12 subcommittees that include cuts below 2010 levels for every subcommittee except defense.  Federal agencies are currently funded with a continuing resolution that expires March 4.

In a pledge released last year, House Republicans estimated that $100 billion in cuts would be made during the first year. The $35 billion in proposed cuts represents two percent of this year's projected $1.5 trillion deficit.