October 9, 2015


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13 Oct, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--Concord Coalition Co-Chairs Sam Nunn and Warren Rudman sent a letter to all members of Congress today urging the rejection of a provision in the omnibus spending bill that would substantially repeal the 1986 military pension reforms. "We urge you in the strongest possible terms... Read More
29 Sep, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--Despite claims the country is wiping away 30 years of red ink, the national debt continues to grow. While politicians of both parties take credit for a budget "surplus," the national debt has grown by over $110 billion ($110,639,535,002.46) so far in fiscal year 1998. With... Read More
27 Sep, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--The Concord Coalition Citizens Council published a pamphlet today that will help everyday citizens ask candidates for Congress vital questions about the federal budget, Social Security, and Medicare during the 1998 campaign season. The pamphlet, titled "10 Questions Voters... Read More
22 Sep, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON-With the federal government projected to run $137 billion in deficits without counting the Social Security surplus over the next five years, so-called "unified" budget surpluses should not be used for either tax cuts or spending increases. That was the message of a letter sent... Read More
16 Sep, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--While Congress debates tax cuts and spending increases, the Concord Coalition today reminded lawmakers that the budget surplus projected for this year and the next decade is already earmarked--for Social Security. "Policy makers who are lining up to spend those so-called budget... Read More
15 Sep, 1998 - Facing Facts
It's election season and tax cuts are in the air. So who stands to get a break? What about America's most heavily voting group--affluent seniors?Reportedly, some legislators are floating a proposal to repeal the 85-percent tier of the Social Security benefit tax. They would thereby undo one of the... Read More
13 Sep, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON--Budget discipline for spending and revenues are both in jeopardy, according to the Concord Coalition, a bipartisan budget watchdog. As Congress and the Administration rush to cut end-of-session budget deals, Concord warns there will be a strong temptation to dip into projected budget... Read More
10 Sep, 1998 - Facing Facts
 A new idea is in the air: raising the share of earnings that is subject to Social Security FICA taxes. The idea is especially appealing to defenders of the status quo. Here, they think, is something that would help put Social Security on a sounder financial footing--and do so without raising... Read More
2 Sep, 1998 - Press Release
WASHINGTON-The Concord Coalition is one of 12 nonprofit advocacy organizations that rated as "most influential" according to a study released today. Susan Rees, an independent researcher in Washington, wrote the study based on a survey of Congressional and administration officials. The... Read More
13 Aug, 1998 - Facing Facts
Back when Social Security was widely regarded as a rock-solid and faultless institution, reform advocates used to phrase their critique in terms of "myths." The idea was to expose as fictions what defenders of the status quo were passing off as facts.Perhaps it's a sign of the public's growing... Read More