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19 May, 2003 - Special Publication
14 May, 2003 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- With the Senate expected to vote today on a proposal to phase out dividend taxation over four years and then "sunset" the provision so that dividends would suddenly be taxed again in 2007, The Concord Coalition said that the use of “sunsets” to artificially reduce the... Read More
29 Apr, 2003 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition's President, Peter G. Peterson, will testify before the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services today.  Peterson will review the grave deterioration in the budget outlook over the past two years and the long-term injury resurgent deficits threaten to... Read More
19 Mar, 2003 - Facing Facts
 The 2003 Trustees' reports, released this week, confirm that senior entitlements are unsustainable without major reform. According to the Trustees, the cost of Social Security and Medicare is due to grow from 7 to 16 percent of GDP by 2075. The increase alone--9 percent of GDP--is two and one... Read More
19 Mar, 2003 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- As the House and Senate debate their respective versions of the fiscal year 2004 budget resolution, The Concord Coalition suggested that consideration of the budget be postponed until Congress has had an opportunity to consider the supplemental spending package for war and... Read More
18 Mar, 2003 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition today released an updated version of its “Ten Criteria for Judging How Budget Plans Measure Up,” first published in 1997.  The criteria were updated in recognition of the fact that Congress is once more confronted with the need to craft a long-term balanced... Read More
16 Mar, 2003 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- As the House and Senate begin debating their respective versions of the fiscal year 2004 budget resolution, The Concord Coalition today praised Budget Committee Chairmen Jim Nussle (R-IA) and Don Nickles (R-OK) for reaffirming the balanced budget goal, but said the respective... Read More
10 Mar, 2003 - Facing Facts
 Amid so many grave concerns about the state of the economy and the world--from the sinking stock market to the looming war with Iraq, from 9/11 to Enron--it's hard to get Americans to focus on the federal budget. That's too bad, for while we were all looking the other way the budget outlook... Read More
4 Mar, 2003 - Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC - March 5, 2003  The Committee for Economic Development (CED) and the Concord Coalition today held a press conference and released a joint statement on the federal budget and the nation's economic future.  The statement says, in part:   "The Concord Coalition and... Read More
1 Feb, 2003 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- In a full-page statement in this Sunday's New York Times (February 2, 2003), bipartisan leaders of The Concord Coalition ask “Are We Really Cutting Taxes -- Or Just Raising Them On Our Kids?”   The statement is signed by The Concord Coalition's Co-Chairs, Warren B. Rudman... Read More