May 22, 2017


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9 Nov, 2016 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition salutes all of those who put themselves forward in Tuesday’s elections to lead our nation. We congratulate the winners.  Now that the people have spoken, the task ahead is to govern. That will not be easy given the deep divisions created during a long... Read More
3 Nov, 2016 - Special Publication
This Ripon Forum article by Concord Coalition Executive Director Robert L. Bixby discusses the neglect of fiscal issues in this year's presidential campaign and appears in the magazine's November issue. The presidential campaign is coming to a close with both of the major-party candidates having... Read More
20 Oct, 2016 - Special Publication
A lack of in-depth discussion on the national debt and federal budget deficit casts doubt on the next administration’s willingness to tackle such policy issues, according to an Oct. 20 story in CQ (subscription based). The story, by Ryan McCrimmon, notes that presidential candidates Donald Trump... Read More
19 Oct, 2016 - Press Release
WASHINGTON -- The Concord Coalition expressed disappointment Wednesday night that neither of the candidates in the final presidential debate provided voters with credible and specific proposals for putting the federal debt on a sustainable path. “Donald Trump’s suggestion this evening that economic... Read More
13 Oct, 2016 - Special Publication
A Market News International (MNI) story reports budget experts saying that the 2016 campaign "has not been characterized by candidates who have proposed detailed plans to address the nation's long-term fiscal challenges -- or even a thoughtful discussion of the U.S.'s budget predicament." The story... Read More
11 Oct, 2016 - Special Publication
A budget deal or a needed increases in the debt limit in the next Congress could create opportunities for improvements in the federal budget process, according to an Oct. 11 story in CQ. The story, by Paul M. Krawzak, notes that the House and Senate budget chairmen and their committees have been... Read More
11 Oct, 2016 - Press Release
CONCORD, N.H. -- Fiscal Fridays, an interview series on NH1 that has featured 14 candidates for the presidency and New Hampshire congressional seats, continues Oct. 14 with the “Fiscal Fridays Festival” at the Warren B. Rudman Center at the University of New Hampshire School of Law in Concord. The... Read More
11 Oct, 2016 - Press Release
LAS VEGAS -- In advance of the final presidential debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, students, faculty and staff there will participate in an interactive exercise tomorrow in which they will face some of the difficult budget choices awaiting the next administration and Congress. The “... Read More
11 Oct, 2016 - Press Release
MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Jared Bernstein, two of the nation's leading economists, will discuss how income inequality and fiscal responsibility relate in a program Monday, Oct. 17 at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. The program, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m... Read More
6 Oct, 2016 - Press Release
NEWBURYPORT, MASS. --Former Congressman William H. Zeliff andChase A. Hagaman, a regional director for the nonpartisan Concord Coalition, will be featured speakers in a public program Thursday night, Oct. 13, in Newburyport on the fiscal challenges facing the nation, the next president and Congress... Read More