May 27, 2017

Principles and Priorities/Debt Busters Downloads

The Principles and Priorities and Debt Busters exercises can be easily facilitated by any teacher or group leader interested in doing so.

We have resources available to help with the facilitation process:

Our budget exercises can also be facilitated by the Concord Coalition field staff. After arranging our visit, you should look over the following items and make the necessary photocopies.

The links will take you to PDF documents. 

Principles and Priorities

The Workbook: Is 10 pages and the main element of the exercise. Every participant should have their own copy of the workbook.

The Options Book: Is approximately 53 pages and contains more detailed information about each of the policy proposals featured in the exercise. While the options book is very long, it is intended to be used more as a reference for participants than as something that needs to be read cover-to-cover. You will only need one copy per group of participants. (Each group will probably have 5 - 8 people.)

Debt Busters Exercise

Debt Busters is a more condensed version of Principles and Priorities best for college classes very limited on time, or for middle and high schools.
Full Exercise