May 26, 2017

Fiscal Follow-Up: Next Steps

You've attended the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour or have watched the online version, now what? The Fiscal Wake-Up Tour shows that experts from diverse ideological prespectives agree that our nation's current fiscal policy is unsustainable, but now we must take action to tackle these challenges.  Here are ways that you can follow-up and take the next steps toward reinstating a sense of fiscal responsibility in the federal government. 

Take The Tour to Others

Let us know if you'd like to bring the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour to your school or community by running this Online experience.  The Tour serves as an excellent spring board for group discussions of fiscal and social responsibility.  Additionally, for larger audiences, consider scheduling a follow-up question and answer session with a Concord field representative, either in person or via live online video chat. See the form at the bottom of this page to propose an event!

Propose a Fiscal Wake-Up Tour event.

Classroom Events

Education is action! Coordinate classroom visits with teachers to ensure that younger students understand the nation's long-term fiscal challenges. The Concord Coalition has developed exercises and activities that you can use to facilitate discussions in the classroom.

Learn more about organizing classroom activities.


I.O.U.S.A is a documentary that examines the rising national debt and its consequences for Americans. The film gives a comprehensive explanation of the nation's fiscal issues and can be a useful tool for introducing students to the concept of fiscal responsibility. You can host a screening of the film at your school or in your neighborhood.

Contact us to organize a screening of the movie.

Fiscal Stewardship Project

To continue the momentum of the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour, The Concord Coalition has returned to select regions around the country and established Fiscal Advisory Councils to engage a lasting presence focused on our nation's fiscal challenge.  Each Council is built with an existing community, crafted to their expertise or interests, and reflective of their values and recommendations for solving the problem.  These councils will become a model for civic engagement that can be used around the country, and that will demonstrate to policymakers that the American people are serious about fiscal responsibility and demand accountability in Washington. 

Learn more about the Fiscal Stewardship Project.