October 9, 2015

Federal Government Income

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Fiscal Year 2014

Income Category$ Billions% of Outlays
Individual Income Taxes139540
Social Security and Medicare Taxes and Contributions102429
Corporate Income Taxes3219
Other Taxes2818

Source:  Final Monthly Treasury Statement September 2014
* Percentage column numbers might be altered to allow total to equal 100%

Income figures are represented as a percentage of outlays. FY2014 income from taxes paid for 86% of outlays, which is another way of saying we borrowed money on the open market by selling US Treasury securities to cover 14% of our spending. That spending totaled $3 trillion, 504 billion.

  • "Other Taxes" includes excise taxes, estate and gift taxes, customs duties and other miscellaneous receipts.

This budget exercise was developed by the Concord Coalition.
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