May 30, 2017

Editorial: America's Short-Term Deal

Avert another crisis through principled compromise
October 18, 2013
Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Fla.)


The credible, nonpartisan Concord Coalition issued a statement Thursday, reflecting just how low Congress has set the bar for governance.

"At a minimum," the statement read, the committee's "goal should be to prevent another shutdown and debt limit crisis early next year."

The coalition added that the committee "has the even more valuable opportunity ... to forge a bipartisan plan for comprehensive fiscal reform.

"A credible plan to do so would involve three key items that have the potential to attract bipartisan support: additional health care reforms that reduce projected spending, tax reforms that target wasteful subsidies, and a new set of spending caps to replace the 'sequestration' caps that were never intended to actually go into effect -- and that neither party fully supports."