May 27, 2017

Obama's Hard Line Remarks May Further Complicate Fiscal Talks

President Scorches GOP On Fiscal Recklessness. Obama: Hopes 'Light Bulb Goes Off" For GOP To Be Reasonable In Fiscal Talks. Obama's Comments Come As GOP Seeks Strategy To Fund Govt, Hike Debt Ceiling
September 16, 2013
Market News International (MNI)


"President Obama does not always have the best bedside manner during these negotiations. Quiet phone calls and private meetings are almost always more productive than public pep rallies with members of your base," said Bob Bixby, executive director of the Concord Coalition. Bixby added,"the goal is not to get the support of your supporters. Presumably you have that already. The goal should be to convince the other side and find areas of agreement. Public rallies aren't very helpful for this."