June 24, 2017

Does the Longevity of Baby Boomers Bode Ill for the Federal Deficit?

June 12, 2013
Wisconsin Public Radio News


Sara Imhof of the Concord Coalition, a national group dedicated to eliminating the country's deficit, was in Madison Wednesday. 

Imhof says aging baby boomers living longer will have consequences for Medicare and Social Security.

The Congressional Budget Office recently announced the national deficit is declining due to health care costs. Imhof, the Midwest director for the Concord Coalition, says that it’s too soon to celebrate . . . 

“We're all going to look like the state of Florida. One in five of us in Madison, one in five of us in Fond du Lac, [and] one in 5 of us in Iowa City is going to be 65 or older.”