June 23, 2017

Together We Can Eliminate Debt

November 23, 2012


You'll recall he was the co-founder of the Concord Coalition in the early 1990s along with former Mass. Senator Paul Tsongas. Warren Rudman deeply believed that the only path to prosperity for our nation was to erase the red ink and balance our national budget. Both men were fixtures on the national political scene, and they were dogged in their efforts to encourage, push and pressure our national leaders to erase the national debt. It was a successful effort. . . . .

We can learn from Rudman's legacy and we can follow his example. I am the co-chairperson of a statewide, grassroots, bipartisan group called Fix the Debt. It is very similar to the structure and mission of the Concord Coalition co-founded by Sen. Rudman. Our goals are identical.