May 30, 2017

Big Bird? He Lives on Chicken Feed

October 4, 2012
Houston Chronicle


“Politicians tend to target what some people think of as waste,” said Robert Bixby, executive director of theConcord Coalition, a bipartisan research group that advocates a balanced federal budget. “The public basically has a view that the government is bloated and there's a lot of waste. The conversation always seems to go to these small programs.” . . .  

“Nondefense discretionary programs are the smallest part of the budget and the least-threatening when you think of the fiscal future,” Bixby said. “Those aren't the programs that are growing faster than the economy.” . . .

Making meaningful headway on the revenue side of the deficit equation means targeting what Bixby referred to as “tax entitlements”: deductions for home mortgage interest, charitable donations and employer-provided health care.