June 25, 2017

Extension Of Bush Tax Cuts Could Test Republicans' Deficit Reduction Resolve

June 27, 2010
The Hill


Diane Lim Rogers, chief economist with the Concord Coalition, believes Republicans will look hypocritical supporting the Bush tax cuts, but the strong political will to extend them will overpower any pushback for making a paradoxical vote.  

“Just because we’re seeing a lot of difficulty in passing the extenders bill because of sensible concern for the deficit doesn’t mean that we’re going to see the same kind of script play out for the Bush tax cuts,” she told The Hill.

“I think an extension of the tax cuts have been given a free pass already because President Obama has said we don’t have to pay for their extension,” she said, adding, “It’s sort of like everybody in charge has said it’s okay to not pay for [them].”