May 23, 2017

Budget Tracker Briefing: Schedules Slip

May 19, 2010
Congressional Quarterly


The nonpartisan Concord Coalition, meanwhile, continues to run its own online “Federal Budget Challenge,” where individuals make similar policy choices in an effort to balance the federal budget. The online program is derived from Concord’s ongoing “Principles and Priorities” program, an interactive educational exercise that has been used by high schools and colleges “to provide participants with a better understanding of the federal budget and realistic insight into how some of the policy proposals in the news would change the operations of the federal government.” Among other things, the exercise is intended to help individuals better understand the current composition of the federal budget, how taxes are spent and who pays them, and “what kind of political will and compromise will be required of our political leaders to change or even to maintain current federal budget priorities.” Says Concord’s website, “By considering issues such as federal spending priorities, tax policy, and entitlement reform, participants gain firsthand experience addressing the difficult issues facing policy makers in today’s fiscal environment.”