June 25, 2017

Concord Coalition Pushes for Deficit Reduction

April 28, 2010
Seacoast Online


"It bothers me a great deal that we don't have a plan to pay for it except for running up the debt, which isn't a very good plan," Bixby said, adding later, "If you're in favor of big government, you have to pay for it. If you're in favor of lower taxes, you have to be willing to make some very hard choices on the spending side."

"It's the only solution," he said. "Those are the things that everybody wants: To have some sort of weight loss program that doesn't require any hard choices; and people want to get rid of the budget deficit the same way."

"One of the messages that we try to bring is that this is not some abstract issue in Washington. It has real-world consequences for what's going to happen in state and local governments," Bixby said.

Jeffrey Thiebert, Southwest regional director of the Concord Coalition and director of National Grassroots, said the concerted effort in Maine and New Hampshire is a step toward reaching those who are receptive to change.

"It's very important we take this to a local level," he said.